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Silicone Magnetic Link

Silicone Magnetic Link

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✔ The Apple Watch Silicone Magnetic Band is a versatile and convenient accessory.

✔ Designed to combine the comfort of silicone with the ease of a magnetic closure.

✔ Silicone Comfort The band is made from high-quality silicone, known for its softness and comfort against the skin.

✔ Silicone is lightweight and flexible, making it suitable for extended wear.

✔ Magnetic Closure The standout feature of the band is its magnetic closure mechanism. The magnetic closure allows for easy and secure fastening of the band, eliminating the need for traditional buckles or clasps.

✔ Adjustable Fit The magnetic closure offers a customisable fit, allowing you to adjust the band to your wrist size with precision. This ensures both comfort and security during wear.

✔ Easy On and Off The magnetic closure design makes it incredibly easy to put on and take off the band. The magnets securely hold the band in place while allowing for quick adjustments.


✔ Material Silicone

✔ Strong Magnets


✔ Product weight: 45g

✔ Easy Compatibility

✔ Multiple magnetic links for a super strong attachment
Suitable for extra small wrists

✔ Suits All Apple Watches (Be sure to select the correct size!)

✔ Apple Watch Size
38mm or 40mm
42mm or 44mm

✔ Strap Length
115mm x 100mm
128mm x 115mm


Apple Watch Ultra
✔ 49mm

Apple Watch Series 8
✔ 41mm
✔ 45mm

Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 7
✔ 41mm
✔ 45mm

Apple Watch Series 6
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch SE
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 5
✔ 40 mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 4
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 3
✔ 38mm
✔ 42mm

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