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Stainless Steel Jubilee

Stainless Steel Jubilee

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✔Redefine Your Apple Watch

✔ Jubilee Bracelet Design The Jubilee band is characterised by its unique bracelet-style design.

✔ It features a combination of polished and brushed links, creating a visually appealing and elegant look.

✔Embrace a New Era of Style for Your Apple Watch

✔Discover the Ideal Case to Enhance Your Apple Watch Experience.

✔The Intersection of Luxury

✔Be Distinctive Among the Masses
Stand Out with Unparalleled Style in a Sea of Sameness
Crafted From High-Quality Materials.

✔Meticulously Designed with Premium Materials for Excellence


✔ 316 Stainless steel


✔ Product Specifications Size: Width 0.8 inches (2 cm) x Length 7.5 inches (19 cm); Weight: Approx. 2.9 oz (83 g)

✔ Buckle Double opening; Number of links: 24 links to adjust the size of the belt. To remove links, use the included belt adjuster and press it in the direction of the arrow

✔ Features;
Made from 304 grade stainless steel
Butterfly clasp to easily remove the watch from your wrist
Strap Measurements:

✔ Strap Length: 17.5cm
8 Removable links (4 on each side) each measuring 6mm.


Apple Watch Ultra
✔ 49mm

Apple Watch Series 8
✔ 41mm
✔ 45mm

Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 7
✔ 41mm
✔ 45mm

Apple Watch Series 6
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch SE
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 5
✔ 40 mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 4
✔ 40mm
✔ 44mm

Apple Watch Series 3
✔ 38mm
✔ 42mm

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Superior Attention to Detail and Finishing

Constructed with Exceptional Quality, Premium Components

Visually Stunning and Attractive Design

The Jubilee band's classic and versatile design allows it to transition easily from professional settings to casual outings

Deployment Clasp

A secure and seamless closure mechanism, the clasps ensures that the band stays in place and maintains its sleek look

The Jubilee band is characterised by its unique bracelet-style design

Polished and Brushed Finishes on the links creates an eye catching contrast.